Monday, May 5, 2008

Creative Alliance

I guess I should talk about the Creative Alliance event: 

All of the movies were good. There were about 11 and about 3 awards given out. One was for the audience choice (in other words, whichever one of us brings the most people ;)

My husband got irritated in a funny way when I didn't win, I laughed, telling him that I was happy to have my stuff shown. I called him a stage husband. 

Everyone is making documentaries....

Final project

I had finished my final for this class on Friday, but I got more ideas on Sunday and we went out and shot more footage. 

I am adding the music track now, which needs to be changed now with the extra footage. Overall, I am happy with the final product, though I would like to extend it and add more narrative as well as polish the current dialogue. Of course, writing is rewriting...

Sunday, May 4, 2008


I can't believe that this semester is almost done. I am finsihing up, but it is hard for me to do anything as I want to be done now. 

I start at Towson in the fall and will be there for two semesters, then I'm getting an MFA in Art, though I do not know at this time where I'll be going. 

Friday, April 25, 2008


We arrived at the Creative Alliance Wed night and we saw on the marquee that it was Friday night. The semester is near the end and my brain is fried. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Creative Alliance

Tonight, I am going to the Craetive Alliance for their annual student film/video bakeoff. One of my shorts was accepted. It starts at 8 PM. 

Final project

I typed up my piece Monday night and sent it in to Jenny. The focus of it changed. Previously, it was going to be a straight narrative with actors, but as I wrote it, it seemed like it should be more surrealistic with imagery and music along with a reenactment. We are filming on Sunday morning in the woods in Wyman Park. 

Monday, April 21, 2008


I'll post those damned Santa Fe pictures soon. 


Dreams usually dissolve from memory seconds after you wake up. In those rare instances where something in your dream is terrifying, the dissipation slows like an old truck running out of gas on a desert highway, leaving you feeling isolated with the images of what brought forth such fear while in slumber. 

Last night, I dreamt that I saw my father in a garden. I tried to go up and talk to him but he kept walking, ignoring me as I called after him. He did not turn around and as he went further away, I could hear his voice.

"Why did you not contact me before now?"

Though his back was to me, I knew that his mouth was not moving to those words as his voice was near my ear by the time that he was physically a mile away. 

I called out to him, but nothing came out as I tried to shout. My father was at level with the toy soldier-sized trees in the horizon before he disappeared. Only when he was gone could I shout that I missed him and did not know where he was. 

Off to work

..more when I come back. 

Pictures from santa Fe

I'm going to post them, probably tonight as well.